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Breast Squeezing/Mauling

AKA: Breast Mauling; Breast Squeezing; Grabbing Breasts; Mauling Breasts; Mauling Tits; Squeezing Breasts; Squeezing Tits; TIt Mauling; Tit Squeezing

Breasts are erogenous zones and a visual that women use to attract men and intimidate other women. In an altercation between two women fighting for the sexual attention of a man, they would naturally go after the others breasts. A key element that distinguishes a catfight from a regular fight is the sexual tension, the goal of humiliating the other woman and often winning the sexual attention of a man. In such a contest, squeezing and mauling one's opponents breasts, attacking her sexuality, would be consistent with the goal of diminishing the sexuality of one's opponent. Women can grab each other's breasts during many kinds of sexual contests, particularly in a Catfight (as depicted in the pictures here), or as a stand alone contest described below.

This kind of contest can be dangerous and cause serious permanent damage. Caution should be taken before engaging in any Breast Mauling contest. Women should either ensure their fingernails are trimmed back or wear gloves. This is not always possible in a spontaneous Catfight when the action suddenly gets fast and furious. The man the women are fighting for should be aware of this and would not want the winner (or loser) of the fight to have permanently damaged breasts. He should interceed and break up the melee to give the women a chance to either file down their fingernails or put some gloves on.

Many women love breast squeezing contests. If you look at the group web sites, you will find women posting pictures and talking about "tit-fighting" as it is often called. There certainly must be a sadomascist quality to this kind of competition. Because the breasts project out and at other women, there is a subtle provocative threat they project, especially when the women are in competition. When a woman is trying to attract the attention of a man and there is another woman showing off her cleavage and distracting him, it's perfectly natural for a woman to feel some aggression towards another woman's breasts. When that conflict for a man bubbles over and turns into a catfight the women will certainly take out their aggression on the chests of the other.

And many men are fascinated by breast squeeing contests. Men are attracted to breasts, but that would not explain their fascination at seeing breasts squeezed or damaged. There is probably no one reason why some men are so interested in breast squeezing fights between women, and certainly no simple explanation. But from the hundreds of web sites, stories, pictures and videos on the internet, most all certainly catering to men's interests, there certainly is a strong fascination with it.

While breast grabbing is clearly a sexual contest, many have commented that this contest is flawed in it's ability to make any determination as to which woman has the better breasts. It's really just a contest to determine whose hand grip is better. Instead most women have commented that they engage in Breast Press Fight contests, which are just as intense but are a better measure of who has the better breast.

That said, women compete with their breasts and could want to engage in breast mauling as a means of expressing their desire to sexually diminish their competition. In a social setting where women are competing to attract the attention of men, like a club, bar or the beach, women display their breasts proudly. If there is a man they are interested in, unless he has great control, his attention will be drawn to the women displaying their breasts. His eyes will bounce all around uncontrolably. If the setting is more intimate, and it's just two women competing one on one to win the man, the women will judge each other by the quality of their breasts and use the display of their breasts as a means of competing to win the attention of the man. The breasts of the rival woman become a threat and target of attack. When that sexual conflict escalates, the women may feel the need to attack the other's breasts.

Formal Breast Squeezing Contest

While breast mauling may be a tactic in a Catfight, breast squeezing can be it's own individual contest. Or women engaging in an another kind of contents like Pussy Fights or Catfights may decide to engage in breast squeezing as a part to those contests.

On it's own, in a formal breast squeezing contest, the women simultaneously grab each other's breasts and squeeze until one gives up. The women may choose to tweek nipples or dig in deep into the flesh. This is an expression of the threat the women feel from the sight of the other woman's breasts and the demonstration to the man they are fighting for how much they want him. A breast squeezing fight is more of an endurance contest really than an erotic determination of who has the best breasts. But when two women are competing for a man, their dislike for the other woman's breasts is tangible and this this may be a legitimate way for the women to express their desire to sexually domainate the other.

In a formal breast squeezing contest, the two women stand or kneel in front of each other face to face with their hands on their hips. To add to the eroticism, the women might try Garter-belt Connecting. A male judge stands beside the breast fighters. He should declare the "safe" word or phrase, something like "your breasts are better than mine". The women should decide beforehand if fingernails are allowed. Either they are, or they should be filed back or gloves should be used.

At the judge's initiation each woman then slowly places her right hand on her rivals left breast. Then slowly moving her left arm over her rivals right, arm each woman places her left hand on her opponents right breast.

On the starting signal from the jodge, the two women then begin squeezing each others breasts or pinching each others nipples. The male judge monitors closely. The contest continues until one woman declares the safe word, "I quit, your breasts are better than mine." If the winner is allowed to squeeze the losers breasts for another few seconds at the discretion of the male judge. The judge is responsible for separating the two breast fighters.

Before the contest starts the combattants and judge should agree on the ground rules. They should consider if movement around the room is allowed. To keep the women together you might consider Garterbelt Connecting to ensure they stay facing each other and close togehter. Or the woman may consider using a belt around both their waists, to keep them connected together belly to belly at the hip. If the women are joined together in this way, one women who is losing cannot pull away quickly and avoid having to give up by verbally declaring the other woman has better breasts.

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