SCC | Contest: Testicle Tug of War (Couples)
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Testicle Tug of War (Couples)

AKA: Tug of War (Couples)

This fight is much the same as the Testicle Tug of War except that it is engaged by two couples.

Just as in the Testicle Tug of War contest, the two men tie their balls using a kind of Ball Supporter, then connect the two lasso'd balls with a string. In this way, the men are connected by the balls such that if one man pulls he is pulling the other by the balls, and vice versa. In essence, this contest is the same as the Testicle Tug of War contest, but because both men have brought their woman along some variations are possible. The means of the contest is the same. Both men pull on the string increasing the tension on both men's balls until the pain is unbearable to one man causing him to move or give up.

Creative sexual combatants could come up with different variations on this contest, where the women encourage the men in different ways to attempt to rip the balls off the other man. But the women could also be direct participants in the competition as well.

While some women may just want to watch, in a proper couples contest the women would want to participate. As depicted here, the men could have two levels to the contest. While the primary fight would be causing pain to the other's balls with the connection, the object of the fight could be to please the women. If the women sit in chairs just far enough apart so that the men cannot both lick the pussies of both women at the same time, or rather because of the length of the string, only one man could lick the pussy of one of the women, the men would have to pull to reach his woman.

The women could either sit in front of her man or in front of the other woman's man. The contest is less to see which man could endure the pain to his balls, but rather which man could bring his woman to orgasm by licking her pussy. Given that only one man could reach one of the women (because the women are sitting too far apart), the man who could pull this rival back by the balls would win. The men would not only be enduring the pain to prove his superiority over the other man, but it would be a measure of which man had the great will and desire to please his woman that would be the determining factor for his kind of contest.

This contest could be extremely dangerous and should only be done by two men intent on ripping each others balls off and agree that they want to do that to each other.

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