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Victory Sex (MvM)

AKA: Fucking the Winner (MvM); Winner Sex (MvM); Winner's Sex (MvM)

The sex between the woman and the winning man after the contest is called "victory sex." (There is a female Victory Sex equivalent of this.) But the most common variation of victory sex includes the losing man to increase his humiliation at having a lost.

Victory sex is usually not a contest but the logical aftermath of the contest. After a cockfight is over, two things are usually true: 1) the winning man has an erection while the losing man is limp and 2) the woman wants to fuck the winner. Most of the time the loser humbly leaves the winner to claim his prie. There are some that agree or arrange for the loser to aparticipate in the sexual act between the woman and the winner as a kind of impotent third party. Some threesomes who don't have a separate sexual contest describe the period after the first man comes as victory sex for the other man. In that case, the threesome itself was a First to Come Loses contest, and they include this victory sex as a kind of punctuation mark for the natural competition between the men in the threesome.

Losing a cockfight is possibly the most humiliating thing that can happen to a man. While most men hide the fact, they are vain and egotistical about their sexual organs. The idea of another man's cock being better than his, being proved better than his in a contest, is ego crushing. When two men are fighting for the sexual attention of a woman, one man's ego will be crushed. The intensity of this sexual defeat is ramped up if the winner is decided by a cockfight. Still there is always a threat that the loser may come back another day, so pressing this humiliation may be necessary. That is commonly done by having the losing man watch the winning man has sex with the woman they were fighting for.

Some readers have elaborated on this by describing a particular type of victory sex. In many contests, like the Twin Jets Blow Job, the men may be direct shaft to shaft contact when the final victory occurs and the loser goes limp. For a few moments, the winner's hard erection can actually manipulate the loser's flaccid penis. The winner's cock actually has control of the loser's cock. That manipulation of the loser's penis was the most powerful memory of the fight, something of pride for the winner and a permanent psychological scar for the loser. That is the point of the victory sex.

The loser will probably not want to stick around watching the woman he wants (wanted) fuck the winner. To keep him from leaving, in victory sex, the woman mounts the losing man. The loser may very well be on his back at the end of the cockfight, so she can easily hop on top of him. She can press her wet pussy onto his limp penis to further demonstrate his inability to please her. She's so close, but he can't have her. Meanwhile the winning man comes from behind the woman and can fuck her doggy style. The woman can lower her pussy down onto he losing man's cock as the winning man's erection penetrates her pussy. The loser would feel his rival's cock enter the woman they were fighting for. The winner has the satisfaction of using his erection to push aside the limp penis of the man he just beat, in order to enter the woman they were fighting for. The losing man is held down under the fucking couple above him and has to feel or even watch the result of his losing the cockfight.

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