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Breast Swinging and Smacking

AKA: Boob Smacking; Breast Bump; Breast Bumping; Breast Smacking; Tit Bump; Tit Bumping

Like the other types of Breast Contests, breast impact contests involve two women matching their breasts against each other, each trying to use her own breast to hurt the breasts of her rival. There are two main ways the women do this in a breast impact match.

The first method is by swinging the breasts, either holding on to them, up and down or side to side (pictured to the right). The women may opt to hold on to their breasts or let them swing free.

And the second method is for the women to face each other, line up their breasts and slam them into each other. Many women do this in conjunction with a Breast Press Fight.

Both of these contests have the problem that some other body part (shoulder, hand, elbow, etc.) may impact the other woman's breast (on purpose or by accident). Many feel this robs from the notion of a genuine breast contest. If the point of the breast contest is to match breasts, so that one woman gets the reward of knowing that her breasts beat the breasts of her rival, then winning by hitting her opponents breast with a hand or shoulder robs from that victory. This is the same flaw or complaint many have voiced regarding Breast Squeezing/Mauling. This is why most women interviewed for this web site prefer a Breast Press Fight over this kind of breast fight.

Like the other breast to breast contests, the women get the satisfaction of attempting to dominate and surpress the breasts or sexuality of her rival. Breasts are visuals that women use to attract the attention of men. If two women are competing to win the attention of a man, then they will be using their breasts to attract him. Providing the man the visual of one woman's breasts physically defeating the other woman's breasts, is a way the women can compete for him. A woman whose breasts have just lost to her rival would be more likely to give up the fight to win that man.

If the women are just banging their breasts into breasts, this is only "Moderately Risky". But an impact of a shoulder or other body into the breast could cause some damage and so might be "Dangerous" if the women are not cautious.

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