SCC | Contest: Dildo Pull "Tug of War"
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Dildo Pull "Tug of War"

AKA: Dildo Pull; Dildo Pull Tug of War; Dildo Tug of War; Double Dildo Pull

Two women try to take the dildo from the other using their pussies. If the women are fighting for the sexual attention of a man, this will get his attention, as they will be in a literal cock claiming contest.

A double headed dildo is marked so that the exact center can be seen from any angle. A permanent ink felt marker should work on most. Some double dildos have a center mark already or a shared scrotum in the middle. The man may want to consider making a Custom Double Dildo before the contest, so the women are literally fighting for his cock.

The dildo should probably be lubricated first.Two women sit facing each other either (usually on a bed) with their legs open so that their vaginas are open to each other. Each woman take her right leg and lifts it over her opponents left leg so they can get closer. Then each take the opposite end of a double headed dildo and inserts it into her Vagina. A male judge holds the exact center of the dildo and the women push forward until they engulf the entire dildo.

On the signal from a male judge, both women attempt to pull the dildo from the other woman. The contest continues until the dildo comes free from one of the women. The woman who retains the dildo is the winner. This is how this contest differs from the Dildo Claim contest, where the criteria for winning is not extracting the dildo but getting more of it into your pussy.

In this case movement is encouraged. A woman can try to move back away from her rival to pull their pussies apart or can push forward to try to regain some of the dildo that has been extracted from her. The contest continues until one woman pulls the dildo out from the other woman.

The double dildo obviously symbolizes the cock of the man the women are fighting for. Each woman is literally trying to pull the man away from her rival, sexually extract the man in question from the sex of her competitor. The trio might want to consider using a Custom Double Dildo modeled on the erection of the man the women are fighting for. Doing this will have the advantage of the women fighting using a model of the man's cock.

A Tug of War can be done in conjunction with other Pussy Fights contests like a Dildo Push, which is basically the opposite of the Tug of War, or Dildo Claim contest which is similar to the Tug of War. Women can agree beforehand to have the loser of each round pick either another Tug of War or a Dildo Push for the next round.

This contest can be combined with any Breast Contests or Titfights. So if agreed to, while attempting to control the dildo, each woman can squeeze her opponents breasts or pull hair to gain advantage.

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