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Hair Pulling

AKA: Attacking Hair; Hair; Hair Pull; Pulling Hair; Yanking Hair

This is a simple one that most everyone already know and women instinctively do. Almost by definition, women will pull hair during a catfight.

In a hair pulling contest, two women pull hair until one of gives up. Or in another kind of contest, the women may engage in hair pulling.

A woman's hair is a large part of her beauty. Hair can be a symbol of virility. It's a tool in her sexual toolbox to attract men and intimidate other women. Women spend hours and lots of money on their hair. When women pull each other's hair it's an attack on all of this. When women have a sexual conflict they want to minimize the beauty of the other, and so they go after the other's hair. The irony is that disheveled hair can be very sexy to men. So seeing two women mess up each other's hair can make them both sexier to the man they are fighting for.

Women may engage in a formal hair pulling contest. Simply they pull on each other's hair until one submits. The Model Fight web site sells many videos featuring just this. Alternatively there can be elborate rules. The pictures below show a contest where the women have a tug-of-war with the other's hair. The winning woman pulls the losing woman over a line.

Or hair pulling might be one catty tactic in a catfight. By pulling the other girl's hair, one might gain an advantage in the fight by causing her pain, but also by manipulating the other girl's body, getting her into a compromising position.

Of course, in addition to hair on the head, there may also hair between the legs the women may choose to pull. This assault is obviously much more sexual and intense. It's a definite tactic in an Extreme Catfight.

In exclusive hair pulling fights, or in other contests that can involve hair pulling, the women need not use their hands to pull the other's hair. Women with longer hair can tie or bind their hair together, leaving their hands free to do other mischief. Some women will connect their hair on their head or even connect their pubic hair so that during their fight they will also engage in mutual hair pulling.

There is a certain beauty in mutual hair pulling. Some women are just into hair pulling itself absent any other contest or catfight. While the contest itself has no bearing on who is the sexier woman (does being able to tug harder or withstand more pain make you sexier?), a woman's hair is large part of a her beauty, appeal and sexuality. So when women pull each other's hair they are attacking the other's sexuality. The mutual engagement in an activity that dispenses pain to both women is a sign of will and desire to attain her goal at the expense of the other woman. While the outcome may not be decisive for a man, that display for the man they are fighting for can be very sexy.

This contest is listed as "Moderately Risky" but could be much more dangerous depending on the circumstances of the hair pulling.

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