SCC | Contest: Biting, Scratching & Clawing
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Biting, Scratching & Clawing

AKA: Bite; Biting; Claw; Clawing; Scratch; Scratching

As simple as is sounds, to most the definition of a catfight is a fight between two women where they bite and scratch (like cats do).

This can obviously be very dangerous so the women should agree to do this before they engage in any contest.

There are several contests, which I have not listed here, that are essentially trading biting and scratching attacks. Somehow the women pick one to go first and they then take turns scratching and/or biting. And several people have written in about mutual biting or scratching contests. There are variations on women getting into 69 positions to bite or otherwise attack.

I found them a bit too violent and not something that would some how prove a sexual dominance the man the women are fighting for. Very quickly in such a fight both women would be in considerable pain and probably the winner would be in no condition to claim the man.

Certainly one might expect an extreme catfight to have some biting, scratching and/or clawing. Knowing that might be possible, the women fighting should tell the man they are fighting for whether he should stop any contest when scratching or biting occurs.

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