SCC | Contest: Breast Tug of War
SCC Lexicon

Breast Tug of War

AKA: Boob Pulling; Breast Pulling; Pulling Boobs; Pulling Breasts; Pulling Each Others Breasts; Pulling Tits; Tit Pulling

Two women face each other. Each woman places her right hand on her rivals left breast, then they each place their left hand over and onto their rivals right breast. The women pull until one of them gives up.

This may be better done with both women sitting on the floor either knee against rivals knee or legs spread foot to foot.

Alternately, the male judge can indicate a line behind each of the women. They perform the same breast grab and try to pull their rival forward over their line, just like a regular tug of war.

Inevitably there will be some breast twisting and nipple tweaking. This is going to be very painful and potentially quite dangerous. You should do this kind of contest with some caution and certainly have a safe word.

Pulling breasts like this can also happen in other contests like extreme catfights. Whenever two women are tangled up in a sexually laden contest, with breasts loose, pulling breasts is always a possibility.

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