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Breast Contests ("Titfights") (FvF)

AKA: Best Boobs; Best Breasts; Better Boobs; Better Breasts; Boob Contest; Boob Contests; Boob FIght; Boob FIghting; Boob FIghts; Breast Contest; Breast Contests; Breast Fight; Breast Fights; Breasting Fighting; Tit Fight; Tit Fighting; Tit Fights; Tit-Fighting; Tit-Fights; Titfight; Titfights

Like a woman's hair, a woman's breasts are something that she uses to attract men. It's a symbol of her feminity, an erogenous zone, and literally something that projects a woman's sexuality. It literally projects out and challenges. Breasts can be intimidating to other women and threatening in some cases. All women notice each other s breasts, and in situations where women are competing for a man they will use their breasts to intimidate other women and attract the man. Women will take this natural visual breast comparison competition to the next level and physically challenge each other with their breasts.

There's a great blog entry by "Emma" on Yahoo 360 that sums up the feeling some women have. An excerpt:

"I love to fight other females and play superiority games, many believe that the breasts are the female sign of power and authority. I love to destroy other females signs of authority!!! Nothing more excite me then crushing and flattening another woman, to look into her eyes as her back is to the wall my huge breasts pressing her own and some time to the point of flattening them."

Most of the time women compete with their breasts visually by exposing and presenting their own or minimizing their rivals in some way. Other times, the confrontation between two woman can be physical, and the women would seek to assault the other woman's chests. Most women who have been interviewed for this site who engage in breast contests, prefer simple slow breast to breast contact as in the case of the Breast Press Fight, where each woman takes her time, looks the other in the face while they cooperate to line up their breasts, press them into each other to try to hurt the other woman. Here are a series of ways that women compete using their breasts.

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